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Azur Lane: Vacation Lane

👉 Changed to "3D shooter game". " Wait, were Neptunia characters put in Azur with Naval designs? The choice of Haganeya to be the writer was due to the franchise being one of Hengda's personal favorites. Would be better to say something like: The main mode of gameplay is "X", when preparing to enter "X" mode... While unconscious, Enterprise encounters her alternate self again, who warns her conflict between shipgirls is inevitable since they are manifestations of human will like Orochi, but Enterprise decides to keep fighting to protect everybody important to her. No キャラクター 発売日 オリジナル曲 Vol. I'd say pick one other whichever sources say more and include it there, I think that's fine. The game follows a different story with new characters also making their debut. I kept them because I feared that longer paragraphs might disinterest readers. : Gifted Ships are created with the purpose of combat in mind and each one of them is tactical in nature. 20:01, 6 October 2018 UTC• Don't need all the DLC details but just move what you wrote before in gameplay to this section. The game follows a different story with new characters also making their debut. Script error: No such module "Episode list". "Players may exchange various themed and occasionally time-limited furniture sets and decorations to raise the rate experience is gained, using "furniture coins" obtained by sending characters to expeditions. While stationary, the back row can send and the player can manually call in airstrikes. Lots of issues but it's OK we'll get through it. An early version of the game featured a combat system of a five-character fleet in a single or double. I did try to summrize the article in the current lead, with gameplay, reception, setting, collab, derivative all being addressed, and with EN release information pertinent to EN readers. Their technology is referred to as "optical" and is consistent referred to as "light weapons", implying that it is actual light : Unknown : City Class Physically on par with. As such, they intentionally avoided using a game mechanic like that used by Kantai Collection and most of its followers. Enemy fleets are immobile, but Sirens can chase players around. Yostar has held two illustration contests with Japanese art community Pixiv to promote the game. The first convention dedicated exclusively to the game was held in November 2017.。

Enterprise mobilizes to help them despite her damage, with Cleveland, Javelin, and Laffey following her. There are six scheduled Blu-ray volumes, with each volume containing two episodes. You mention furniture coins early on then in-game cash currency later. The game features an eponymous military alliance, the "Azur Lane", formed by the nations of Eagle Union , Royal Navy , Sakura Empire Empire of Japan and Iron Blood Nazi Germany. レーベル 4コマKINGSぱれっとコミックス 発表期間 ぱれっと: 2018年7月号 - Twitter: 2018年4月23日 - 巻数 既刊2巻(2020年12月現在) 漫画:アズールレーン Queen's Orders 作者 出版社 一迅社 掲載誌 レーベル 発表号 2018年12月号 - 巻数 既刊4巻(2021年8月現在) 小説:アズールレーン Episode of Belfast 著者 助供珠樹 イラスト raiou 出版社 レーベル 刊行期間 2018年6月22日 - 巻数 既刊3巻(2019年8月23日現在) 小説:アズールレーン ラフィーと始める指揮官生活 著者 イラスト 出版社 レーベル 刊行期間 2018年6月29日 - 2020年3月2日 巻数 全3巻 小説:アズールレーン 〜綾波、ケッコンするです〜 著者 イラスト みれあ 出版社 レーベル 発行日 2018年12月25日 ゲーム:アズールレーン クロスウェーブ ゲームジャンル 対応機種 ゲームエンジン 開発元 発売元 (PS4) (Win・Switch) プレイ人数 1人 発売日 PS4:2019年8月29日 Win:2020年2月7日 Switch:2020年9月17日 レイティング PS4:: C Switch:: D コンテンツアイコン セクシャル アニメ 原作 Manjuu Co. " You need to explain how experience points, morale, and affection affect gameplay. Vitale, Adam May 2, 2019. 4 綾波() 2019年11月6日 ニアー・ユアー・サイド Vol. 賛成、これ巡戦が少なかった頃の名残だよね -- [IPDTjwLZUcs] 2018-06-06 水 16:51:21• : February 19, 2021 Anime television series Directed by Tensho Written by Jin Haganeya Music by Studio Licensed by Original network , , , , Original run October 3, 2019 — March 20, 2020 Episodes 12 Anime television series Azur Lane: Slow Ahead! Write as if explaining the game to someone that has never played before. Shanghai Yostar Ltd got the contract to operate Azur Lane in Japan in 2017. 10 を展開する 30%で命中した敵を5秒間、「受けるダメージを10%アップ」状態にする・威力はスキルレベルによる ;自身が任意のユニオン兵装を装備している場合、この特殊弾幕は20秒ではなく、15秒毎に展開する スキャナー・ハッキング 自身の火力・命中が5. 02:41, 18 June 2018 UTC GA Review [ ] GA toolbox Reviewing• Ashcraft, Brian October 5, 2019. In August 2020, the collaboration was once again extended by a 3rd season, introducing a wave of new ships, skins and captains in both games. Although the mention to character count can only be ref'd to a page on AL wiki, which might not comply , I guess. You need to decide, is this article about the game or the franchise? Observer and Tester watch from afar, having captured Akagi. Crosswave features Azur Lane's characters battling against realistic warships and warplanes. The second paragraph needs work. "to raise experience gain", you mean to just raise experience, or raise the rate at which experience is gained? "using as minimal movements as possible. Well, this is Wikipedia and I'm just learning to write it. -- 20:22, 11 October 2018 UTC Yes I'm sorry, I intend to get back to this later this week. If you think this citation is not valid or this paragraph count as overly detailed gameplay, you're welcomed to remove the whole paragraph. Enterprise forces Prinz Eugen and her fleet to retreat. This is an , fix the text of the link. Quite some time has passed since my last high school English class, so I apologize for not promptly discovering and fixing all the grammatical mistakes after writing. Grammar and style: criterion met• Players can pay to restore a character's HP to full in a map, but it's utterly unneeded since they can always try the map again. I may need to tweak the release section, but all other problems should be resolved. Klaus Hafner; Klaus-Peter Meinhardt 1984. Sirius is an admiral of The Royal Navy and is capable of creating complex formations of attacks to outmaneuver enemies as a cruiser ship. -- 06:55, 5 October 2018 UTC In the future, please try and put the responses in line after each bullet. : I really tried to understand and translate above Japanese texts using my broken and nearly-forgotten Japanese. They are referred to as in-game. Players have voted the game among the top five on 's Best Game of 2017 list for the region. Fuel is one of the two in-game resources. Toll of War effect does not negate the max Airstrike capacity increase. Are both called in manually? First off, I'm going to be making minor, or what I consider uncontroversial changes as I read. These opinions are collated from various sources and from players like you. But yes, new strips of this 4koma is posted on the game's JP Twitter account every 3-4 days, many of them features contents corresponding to events or contents added to the game around the time of their posting. Through Azur Lane, Yostar established contact with distinguished Japanese enterprises and creators and was met with welcoming responses. Personifications of American destroyer , British destroyer and German destroyer Chinese, English release or Japanese destroyer Japanese, Korean release are available for players to select as a starter ship. Changed 'Siren event only ' to 'pursuing humanoid enemies" as they are going to be permanent additions in new game modes introduced in latest updates. Various cat breeds can be obtained at a. Development [ ] Azur Lane 's producer, Yuwan, a well-known uploader to the Chinese video sharing website , began developing the game with five of his college friends, with the initial notion of "creating a game, if a commercial one is not possible". 「数値は1~100で、最低は開発艦の0」はなんとなくおかしい気がする・・・ -- [c1j3jCpzxmE] 2019-01-01 火 22:13:41• Yostar has held two illustration contests with Japanese art community to promote the game. Plattner Volume 22 Issue 1, Pages 202—08 1939 :• However, Enterprise is saved by the timely arrival of. 20:01, 6 October 2018 UTC• A collaboration event with in November 2018 made characters from the visual novel obtainable in Azur Lane. You can check them out. Other media Cover art of Manga 4-koma Palette vol. published another , Episode of Belfast, featuring the character based on , in June 2018. Enterprise manages to gain the upper hand on Zuikaku but her unrepaired damage causes her equipment to fail at a critical moment. PWB Play simultaneously released it to , , and on October 4, 2019. [Product Information|TV Anime "AzurLane: Slow Ahead! Jin Haganeya, writer for , agreed to write the script for the game's anime adaptation. It's very difficult to read. " Verb tense agreement: "was difficult"... It's indeed a mix since players are controlling characters RPG in a shmup gameplay, using naval guns and torpedoes simulation game. Later, on December 18, English version was expanded to Latin American region. They are able to slip past Takao and Ayanami and escape with both the Black Box and Akashi. Both the Red Axis and Azur Lane fleets attack Orochi and the Siren fleet, agreeing to work together to fight their mutual foe. The game has been adapted into several manga and novelizations. In August 2020, the collaboration was once again extended by a 3rd season, introducing a wave of new ships, skins and captains in both games. "Although realizing Azur Lane's potential... The information and sourcing is there but there are lots of grammar issues, run on sentences, , and some passages are just poorly written and not explained very well. Do they revive at the end of the map? Enterprise fires a special arrow that pierces Orochi's shield and cripples the ship. "Sirens event map only " might need to be removed or put into its own sentence where you explain what a siren and event map are, if it's even important. It was a limited time event, but a re-run is confirmed for EN release. The crowdfunding project was cancelled in October 2018 because GRSPER did not meet its funding goal and was having communication difficulties with voice actors and their agencies. 後者でも副砲を金コンセントにしたりすればスキル条件はこなせる -- [Meg0moRAJOc] 2021-07-15 木 11:40:50• " What is Sensor Tower? Can easily pulverize WW2 era ships, a feat that would require. Later, on December 18, English version was expanded to Latin American region. Done originally included because both games' publishers made announcements on Apr 1 on Twitter that they're going to implement the other game's features, before announcing the actual collab. A port of the game was released in Japan on September 17, 2020, and on February 16, 2021 in North America and on February 19, 2021 in Europe. PWB Play simultaneously released it to Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan on October 4, 2019. provided the audiovisual design and the writing for Azur Lane. レベル差補正は25レベルで頭打ちになるけど、クリティカルや命中に関わってる「レベルの差」はどうなってるのかな? -- [Z9OYTLc5SLU] 2021-06-25 金 22:04:30. The anime is directed by Tensho, director of Grisaia and Rewrite's anime adaptations, with writer Jin Haganeya, and Yasunori Nishiki composing the series' music. The series premiered on October 3, 2019 on Tokyo MX, SUN, KBS, BS11, and AT-X. Instead, regeneratable morale points are deducted at every battle. An English-language version started open beta in August 2018 and was formally released in May 2019. -- 09:01, 7 October 2018 UTC Briefly checking, it looks much much better. I'm OK with that 12:41, 6 October 2018 UTC• Just a heads up, a brief cursory glance suggests several big problems with the article that will need some serious work for improvement:• Both barrages' DMG is based on skill's level. Such ships include THIS and THAT" there is nothing much more to say. Script error: No such module "Episode list". Li Hengda, president of Yostar Inc. When this ship resurfaces, and when it leaves the battle: fires a torpedo barrage DMG is based on the skill's level. Players have an auto mode option to give up this control to the game's AI. Manjuu hired young actors during development stage was also apparently due to economic reasons. Anime and manga Wikipedia:WikiProject Anime and manga Template:WikiProject Anime and manga anime and manga articles This article has been rated as B-Class on the project's. 19 7 "Pay Close Attention to Keeping Things Neat and Tidy! Coverage and accuracy: criterion met• Removed much of the marriage section and moved the final two paragraphs to new promotion subsection for now. I will continue to work on the page while looking forward for further review. これが神祖オベリスクちゃんですか(三幻神感) -- [UBwkPCAan1c] 2021-07-05 月 15:32:24• Script error: No such module "Episode list". Believing that around 10 people would suffice, Li later admitted his mistake in only having four full-time employees and two interns before the game's release, as they had to work from morning until midnight as the game's popularity grew until the end of 2017. Azur Lane [ ] No. , like any other mobile game. Critics have also compared the game to Kantai Collection. It features the character based on and three of the game's other protagonists. Tony Taka, known for his work on the Shining series, was delighted to be invited to provide character design for HMS Centaur R06 , marking his first work in a. Characters in their chibi forms may be put in the furnished Dormitory where they can walk around and sit, sleep, or bathe. If you would like to participate, please visit the project page, where you can join and see a list of open tasks. It's fair to mention the collaboration, albeit briefly. Reinforcements are sent to an Azur Lane base near the Sakura Empire, where and greet the arrival of and. Like a high score bonus or supply items? 21:27, 6 October 2018 UTC• This should be explained first, as you discuss the player moving across the map before saying where they are moving to. Belfast and Cleveland encounter Takao and while Javelin and Laffey face Ayanami again. During her time at the training school, she became part of the voice acting agency VIMS. Sorry I didn't think of the confusions that may arise from the wording. Nardack refused to comply, and her artwork was then removed. Critics have attributed the game's popularity to its original and well-designed gameplay system. The player may prepare a defence fleet and organize an offence fleet to challenge opposing players' defence fleets. You need to explain it as a game mechanic. Characters section: I wanted to demonstrate the game's diversity in character origin to support statements in development section, as this is one of the major differences between this game and its older competitor, , and also a possible factor for the game's success noted in some sources ref'ed in the article. 2 B-25 Mitchells adorn her deck, 1 in flight, as several carried out what became known as the Doolittle Raid, the first strike ever against homeland Japan by the Americans. The gameplay section may get a little too detailed in places, but that is not a major concern for me. It also acts as one of the few events to not have a collaboration in a Dead or Alive game itself and one of the few to have a one-sided collaboration overall as various anime-based collaborations in Xtreme Venus Vacation were not included in the anime themselves. As well, monuments can be awarded by clearing event stages. [Broadcast Information|TV Anime "AzurLane: Slow Ahead! Yostar head, Li Hengda, revealed that the animation project began in late 2017, when the game experienced its breakout in popularity. Can reduce WW2 era ships and airplane to dust, a feat that requires. also appears and assists when they encounter one of her traps. "originally thought by the players of both games to be a celebration of April Fools' Day," Remove this• An anime television series for AzurLane: Slow Ahead! Are you talking about online player fleets? Anything after release should come in the release area. 世界中に産する青いの・( Lactarius indigo)の発色成分はステアリン酸 7-イソプロペニル-4-メチルアズレン-1-イル メチルである。 , revealed that although he saw Azur Lane 's potential, he did not expect the level of popularity the game experienced in Japan. 21:27, 6 October 2018 UTC Characters and Plot and Setting [ ] These two sections need to be massively trimmed down. in season Title Directed by Written by Original air date English air date Audio CDs A CD featuring character songs sung by their respective voice actors was released in September 2018. Observer watches the battle from a distance, and notes that Enterprise is the "key". [Story|TV Animation "Azur Lane" Official Website]. I actually don't have the source magazine at hand. An early version of the game featured a combat system of a five-character fleet in a single or double column line of battle. What do sources call it? Summary Units in Azur Lane have very different roles, talents, and abilities - because of this, certain units are much better suited for traditional roles such as "Tank" or "DPS" than others. "Players may inspect Backyards of other players. The only thing players can pay to affect the gameplay is reviving a dead character mid map campaign, which is a very unnecessary and stupid thing to do even for a whale. The details on which ships the characters are based on are not needed. In Azur Lane, this was added through a new mode called "Development Dock". Chemical Reviews 50 1 : 127—200. Players may also give customized names to married characters but may only do so every 30 days for each character. " Were they in debt or low in cash? 2 player fleets are allowed to put into a map, but PvP involves only one. Since this game was made by Shanghai Manjuu, and Xiamen Yongshi both of these companies are based in China , like many other games such as , it is subject to China's censorship policy, which prohibits any relatively large list of banned words to be used in-game or via chat, and any other suspected pornographic or sexualized materials throughout the game. He said that an animation project will take about two years to produce so the sooner they start it the better. " How is this for players who aim to play at their leisure? Observer then uses the Cube to fully activate Orochi. English: Presumaby this is specifically designed to target players who are "exhausted by other gacha games"• Warning The following is opinion based. " Instead of saying what doesn't happen, say what happens. Although later on when they had revenue they hired more famous ones. Mail - She references the Doolittle Raid which took place aboard her deck, and the "delivery" would be the payload the Mitchell's carried. Retrieved April 11, 2018 — via. There are multiple nodes on a map where the boss may spawn, so players needs to identify and fight potentially obstructing enemies to get to the boss. Does the source say when development began? 限界突破 同一艦か 汎用型ブリ 限界突破する艦船がノーマル〜Sレアの場合)、 試作型ブリMkII(SSレアの場合)を投入することで、艦船の性能を大幅に向上させられる。

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