茨城 県 まん延 防止。 飲食店の営業時間短縮の要請について(令和3年7月以降)/茨城県


✋ Submission deadlines are now being extended. I apologize for the inconvenience and greatly appreciate for your understanding and cooperation. Based on 35,000 passengers per day on the Tsukuba Express Line, we need to make a decision carefully to prevent the spread of infection. However, we kindly ask you to please cooperate with the request and continue to thoroughly observe appropriate preventative measures so that we can protect our healthcare system. I believe that it will make them comfortable. This state of emergency will take effect from August 6 Friday to August 19 Thursday. In Ibaraki, mainly in the south, there have been positive cases reported. The details of each facility will be updated on the City's official website. We are asking all residents of Tsukuba to cooperate with these measures. ・Response for Schools Schools will remain open as usual. Tatsuo Igarashi Mayor of Tsukuba 茨城県知事による東京都への移動・滞在についての自粛発表を受けての市長コメント(2020年7月20日) 本日(7月20日)、大井川知事から東京都における新型コロナウイルス感染状況等を考慮し、東京都への不要不急の移動・滞在について自粛を要請する発表がありました。 Please refer to our website for details. It is concerned that the increase in positive cases affects bed occupancy in hospitals which is an important indicator. At the same time, I believe that it will be the time to produce something new. Tatsuo Igarashi Mayor of Tsukuba 茨城県独自の緊急事態宣言の解除についての市長コメント(2021年2月22日) 本日、大井川知事が記者会見を行い、茨城県独自の緊急事態宣言を2月23日(火曜日)から解除することが発表されました。

It is the crossroad to determine whether to stop spreading infection or to make many people die as a result of explosive patient surge or medical collapse like abroad. We need your help and cooperation to protect you and your loved ones. Although there are no major changes or new requests to citizens as a result of this measure, we strongly ask you to keep the following again: 1 Please keep your outings within city to minimum. School sports facilities will reopen for external activities. Lifting of the State of Emergency will be determined after comprehensively taking into consideration the state of the medical system and infection situation, with particular attention paid to the bed occupancy rate and the number of infected persons per day. PDF形式のファイルを開くには、Adobe Acrobat Reader DC(旧Adobe Reader)が必要です。

茨城県知事による茨城県非常事態宣言延長についての市長コメント(2021年8月27日) |つくば市公式ウェブサイト

✆ 県の問い合わせ窓口 029-301-5393 受付時間 平日午前9時~午後5時 〇大型施設などへの協力金 大規模集客施設への協力金は、施設の広さなどに応じて支払われます。 If adults stay calm, children around them will be relieved. We kindly ask for your continued support. The restrictions of the designated areas are the same as before where the residents are requested to avoid non-essential travel, and all the restaurants and bars are urged to close from 8 p. Also, today a case of a family of four father, mother and two infants has tested positive in Tsukuba. To prevent the further spread of infection, I would sincerely like to exhort all residents of Tsukuba City once again to appropriately wear face masks, redouble their preventative measures when dining with other people and avoid non-essential travel to and from other prefectures. We very much appreciate your cooperation and support. つくば市長 五十嵐 立青 Comment from the Mayor following the announcement of Ibaraki Prefecture July 31, 2020 [Provisional Translation] Today July 31st , Governor Oigawa announced that Ibaraki prefecture lifted cautioning level of the prefectural measure guideline of COVID-19 from stage 2 to stage 3. If we go to Tokyo, there is a high risk to be infected unknowingly. According to this, Governor Oigawa is set to extend the request to stay home, business suspension and other measures. This is very important situation to stop the explosion of infection, we will continue to communicate closely with the prefecture. This designation will take effect from April 29 to May 12. Governor Oigawa originally reported on May 22 that restrictions on travel to other prefectures would be eased; however, the prefecture has changed its stance to say that we should not travel to other prefectures before the end of May, and that travel to the Greater Tokyo Area and Hokkaido will be reintroduced gradually in June. 6 売上帳等の帳簿の写し 大企業および 1店舗あたり下限額25,000円/日(緊急事態措置の場合は40,000円/日、まん延防止重点措置の場合30,000円/日)より多い額を申請する場合のみ提出が必要 (大企業は申請する店舗の分全て、中小企業の場合は下限額より多い額を申請する店舗の分全て) ・中小企業者は、前年又は前々年の時短要請に係る月と同じ月のもの ・大企業(売上高減少額方式を利用する中小企業者含む)は、 前年度又は前々年度の時短要請に係る月と同じ月のもの及び当該年度(令和3年度)の時短要請に係る月のもの 7 大企業および1店舗あたり下限額25,000円/日(緊急事態措置の場合は40,000円/日、まん延防止重点措置の場合30,000円/日)より多い額を申請する場合のみ提出が必要 協力金額を算出するのために作成した<別表>計算シート (県指定様式。 The Governor made requests to the entire Prefecture to continue to avoid non-essential travel, and to all restaurants and bars in the Prefecture to withhold services between 8pm and 5pm and to stop serving alcohol at 7pm during this period. Also, outdoor events with less than 200 people and indoor events with less than 100 people are allowed to hold under a given condition. 申請書類(個人のみ) 連番 申請書類 備考(添付書類について) 5 本人確認の書面 運転免許証やパスポート、保険証などの写し 6 所得税の確定申告書第一表の控え 1店舗あたり下限額25,000円/日(緊急事態措置の場合は40,000円/日、まん延防止重点措置の場合30,000円/日)より多い額を申請する場合のみ提出が必要 ・協力金額を算出する際に使用した参照月が含まれる前年又は前々年のもの (例:一昨年の8月9月の売上高を使用して協力金額を算定した場合は、一昨年の8月9月が含まれた期間の確定申告書第一表の控えを添付) ・税務署の収受日付印が押印(税務署でe-Taxにより申告した場合には受付日時が印字)されている必要があります。

We are now working with the Prefecture to disinfect the facilities and restore them to their original condition. Especially during the festive year end season, please continue to take precautions, such as avoiding crowded places, and using take out services in order to avoid the risk of infection. The measures are expected to be in place from August 8 Sun to 31 Tue. Although there were no positive cases in Tsukuba City today, 80 people have been found to be positive within Ibaraki Prefecture. Thank you for your continued cooperation. For sports facilities, indoor facilities will be closed, while night-time opening hours of outdoor facilities will be restricted. Regarding the schedule of reopening the public facilities, we will start accepting reservations for Civic Hall and Fureai Plaza from June and Tsukuba Capio, ARS Hall and Nova Hall are from middle of June as scheduled. We are thoroughly grateful for your understanding and cooperation. Although the stage has been lowered to Stage 2, please continue to observe basic preventative measures such as maintaining social distance, wearing face masks, washing hands thoroughly and avoiding the 3 Cs closed spaces, crowded places, and close-contact setting. やむを得ず往来する際は、感染症対策を徹底するなど特に注意 出勤者数の削減 テレワークや時差出勤の活用 部活動の制限 他校との練習試合・合宿等は自粛 (市町村立学校・私立学校・大学等にも、同様の内容を要請) 県有施設の営業自粛 原則休館 (美術館、図書館等は開館を継続) 海水浴場の閉鎖 海水浴場の開設者に対して、閉鎖を要請 (阿字ヶ浦、平磯、大洗サンビーチ) 県独自の緊急事態宣言の概要 実施期間 令和3年8月6日(金曜)から令和3年8月19日(木曜) 対象地域 県内全域 対策の内容 県内の不要不急の外出自粛・感染リスクが高まる行動の自粛• Tatsuo Igarashi Mayor of Tsukuba 茨城県知事によるステージ3移行等についての市長コメント(2020年11月11日) 本日(11月11日)、大井川知事より、新型コロナウイルス感染症に関する茨城県の指標を総合的に判断し、県の対応をステージ3に強化することが発表されました。 Tatsuo Igarashi Mayor of Tsukuba 茨城県知事による感染拡大市町村の解除についての市長コメント(2021年5月17日) 本日(5月17日)、大井川知事が記者会見を行い、5月6日から19日まで「感染拡大市町村」に指定していたつくば市について、20日以降、解除することを発表しました。

【茨城新聞】【速報】新型コロナ、「まん延防止」対象に38市町村 茨城県 日立など6市町に独自の緊急事態宣言

😜 We have been asking to limit the outings in Tsukuba to a minimum till May 31st, but since the prefecture has eased to stage2, limiting the outings will be kept in till May 24. This is unrealistic and would result in major damage to the whole of society. We would like to ask residents and businesses in Tsukuba City to continue to cooperate with the measures against the spread of infection. 【令和3年8月12日発表】まん延防止等重点措置の区域追加等について 国からのまん延防止等重点措置の適用等について まん延防止等重点措置の対象区域追加 まん延防止等重点措置(対策)の内容 県全域で共通する対策の内容 営業時間短縮要請協力金 今回、重点措置区域に追加される日立市、大洗町、城里町、大子町、河内町に所在する対象事業者は、営業時間短縮にご協力をお願いします。 I strongly believe that I can greet the morning with smile on May 7th with everyone. The schools in Tokyo are closed, too. I believe that prevention of the virus from the Greater Tokyo Area is the key to curb an explosive spread of infection in Tsukuba. 様式第1号 様式第2号 様式第第2号が両面になりましたのでご注意ください(以前は片面のみでした) 申請書別紙(2店舗以上申請する場合) 売上関係書類 (PDF版の計算表を使用される方は、併せてにて、要請期間と要請の酒類をご確認ください。 Odagawa, mayor of Tsukubamirai, has made our LINE group to share documents in each local government. 県内の感染状況の悪化が継続しており、病床稼働数が急速に増加している概況を踏まえて、茨城版コロナ Next ( ねくすと )(コロナ対策指針) Ver. - For those who are at high risk of complications due to COVID-19, please be particularly careful about going out. During Stage 2, Ibaraki Prefecture has requested businesses with high-infection-risk to suspend business and elderly people to refrain from going out, however, these restrictions will also be lifted as we shift from Stage 2 to 1. Tatsuo Igarashi Mayor of Tsukuba 茨城県知事による感染拡大市町村の追加等についての市長コメント(2021年4月26日) 大井川知事は、本日の記者会見において、これまでの6市町に加えて、新たに県内9市町を「感染拡大市町村」に指定することを発表しました。

Kindergartens will hold an entrance ceremony on June 8th, and will open as normal from the following day. Also use "Ibaraki Amabie-chan" only available in Japanese. We sincerely apologize for the great inconvenience this may cause for our residents and business owners. He also requested citizens not to have picnics under cherry blossom trees and to avoid non-essential travel to and from areas under the state of emergency, as well as designated zones where key preventative measures are in place. Tatsuo Igarashi Mayor of Tsukuba 茨城県まん延防止警戒期間の終了についての市長コメント(2021年4月9日) 本日、大井川知事が定例記者会見を行い、「茨城県まん延防止警戒期間」を予定どおり4月10日に終了することが発表されました。


☺ Please note that Ibaraki Prefecture is under its own state of emergency on August 6 Fri and 7 Sat. Also, we are launching our own support measures in stages. Please refer to the link below for details available in Japanese only : ・Response for Schools Club activities will be allowed on Saturdays and Sundays, but school sports events, games, matches, training camps, etc. Some public facilities such as the Tsukuba Public Library and the Childcare Support Center will be closed from tomorrow until May 6th as well as the facilities which have been closed already. The Governor also announced that he had urged the national government to promptly apply "Priority Measures to Prevent the Spread of the Virus" to the Prefecture as of May 17, due to the rapid spread of the infection in the Prefecture which is putting major pressure on the medical care system. At the same time, 2 people tested positive in Tsukuba City today, due to close contact with people who had tested positive for COVID-19 on September 6th. Tsukuba City will continue to redouble its efforts to support the daily lives and livelihoods of citizens, while the virus remains a threat. In terms of the reasoning for this decision, he explained that there was no prospect of controlling the spread of infection. Tatsuo Igarashi Mayor of Tsukuba 茨城県知事による県独自の緊急事態宣言についての市長コメント(2021年8月3日) 本日(8月3日)、大井川知事が記者会見を行い、県の対応ステージを4へ引き上げるとともに、茨城県独自の緊急事態宣言を発令することが発表されました。 The number of infections continues to rise in the Prefecture, causing a rapid increase in bed occupancy in hospitals. This is not the first such designation for Tsukuba and we sincerely apologize for the great inconvenience this may cause for our residents and business owners. Also 15 people tested positive in Tsukuba. 5 売上帳等の帳簿の写し 大企業および1店舗あたり下限額25,000円/日(緊急事態措置の場合は40,000円/日、まん延防止重点措置の場合30,000円/日)より多い額を申請する場合のみ提出が必要 ・算定で利用した年月のもの (大企業は申請する店舗の分全て、個人事業主・中小企業の場合は下限額より多い額を申請する店舗の分全て。

In terms of the rationale for including the eight cities and towns in these restrictions, Ibaraki Prefecture explained that the number of new positive cases per 10,000 people is 1. Ibaraki Prefecture will provide 320,000 yen per restaurant as a subsidy to restaurants that cooperate fully with the request from January 13 to 20. I would like to strongly urge all residents in the City to carry on taking the basic, thorough and appropriate preventative measures. 8, 2020 [Provisional Translation] Today September 8 , Ibaraki Governor Oigawa announced that the Prefectural Government will lower its COVID-19 response stage to Stage 2, given that many of the indicators to evaluate the situation related to COVID-19 have improved in Ibaraki Prefecture. Tatsuo Igarashi Mayor of Tsukuba 茨城県知事による茨城県非常事態宣言についての市長コメント(2021年8月16日) 本日(8月16日)、大井川知事が記者会見を行い、本日付けで茨城県非常事態宣言を発令することが発表されました。 Let's get over this difficulties together! Refrain from traveling to the Greater Tokyo Area;• However, other public facilities and sports facilities will reopen in principle, though they may be subject to some restrictions. Tatsuo Igarashi Mayor of Tsukuba 茨城県知事による飲食店の営業時間短縮要請等についての市長コメント(2021年1月8日) 本日、大井川知事が記者会見を行い、つくば市を含む10市町を感染拡大市町村に追加し、感染拡大市町村における全ての飲食店を対象に1月12日(火曜日)まで午後8時から午前5時の間の営業自粛要請(酒類の提供は午後7時まで)を行うことが発表されました。

【茨城新聞】《新型コロナ》茨城県、まん延防止要請 大井川知事 感染拡大15市町検討

💙 The Governor presumes that this rapid increase in positive cases both in the Prefecture and the City is mainly due to a new variant of the virus. Tsukuba City has held countermeasure meetings 31 times and taken our own measures to prepare for this state. If you feel any symptoms of COVID, such as high fever or tiredness as a result of commuting to the Tokyo area for work or school, contact your local Returnee and Contact Consultation Center for New Coronavirus Infections. Thanks to all residents in Tsukuba City, the designation of the City as an "Area Where Infection is Spreading" will soon end, but the number of people infected in the City remains high and could be re-designated at any time. Although Tsukuba City is not included in the designated municipalities, given that the infection is spreading within the Prefecture, the Governor requested all its residents to avoid non-essential travel to other prefectures as much as possible, and to thoroughly observe preventative measures when dining with other people during the Golden Week Holidays. This month will be very important not only for Tsukuba but also for Japan. One of them reside in Tsukuba - Change of the prefectural measure guideline of COVID-19, and lift cautioning level from stage 1 to stage 2. The Governor made requests to the entire Prefecture to continue to avoid non-essential travel, and to all restaurants and bars in the Prefecture to withhold services between 8pm and 5pm and to stop serving alcohol at 7pm. In order to stop the spread of infection by any means during the states of emergency, we sincerely ask our residents and businesses to cooperate with these requests and to redouble efforts to prevent the spread of infection. However, please continue to thoroughly observe preventative measures so that we can prevent a fourth wave of COVID-19. 時差出勤で混雑緩和 「差別の禁止」の徹底 感染者やその家族、医療従事者等への不当な差別的取扱いは絶対にやめてください 会食の際の対策の徹底について 食事の際の会話は、飲酒の有無、昼夜・場所に関わらず、感染が生じやすい場面です。

The request for temporal closure of business will be limited to some business types such as live house and karaoke which close contact is difficult to avoid and the other business including gym will be reopened. 授業(課外含む) はリモート対応 市町村立学校や私立学校、大学等にも同様の対策を要請 非常事態における対策(医療体制) 入院加療• Now, however, Ibaraki Prefecture has secured other facilities for accommodating such patients, and so as of September 14, Akamatsu has ceased to be used for this purpose. Details of events will be updated on the City's official website. Given the situations above, we ask the following of citizens until May 31st:• つくば市長 五十嵐 立青 Comment from the Mayor of Tsukuba regarding today's lifting of the state of emergency as of May 25 [Provisional Translation] Today, Prime Minister Abe reported that the state of emergency has been lifted from the remaining five prefectures Tokyo, Saitama, Chiba, Kanagawa, Hokkaido. ( ばーじょん )3の対策ステージは引き続き Stage ( すてーじ )4となっています。

【茨城新聞】《新型コロナ》茨城県、まん延防止要請 大井川知事 感染拡大15市町検討

🤲Furthermore, he urged bars and restaurants that have not yet stopped offering alcohol and karaoke services to close for the duration of the state of emergency. I again ask for your understanding and cooperation. As the Governor mentioned, the opportunities to go out and dine with other people tend to increase around the end and beginning of the fiscal year. and to stop serving alcohol at 7 p. Today, 46 people were found positive in Ibaraki Prefecture, and in Tsukuba City, there were 5 positive cases of these, one person was confirmed positive following close contact with infected persons. Again, in order to protect your own lives and the lives of your family members, we ask that you refrain from all activities that increase the risk of infection and that you take all possible measures to prevent infection. Tatsuo Igarashi Mayor of Tsukuba 茨城県によるステージ2移行への発表を受けての市長コメント(2020年7月3日) 本日(7月3日)、県内で6名(うち1名はつくば市内)の新型コロナウイルス感染者が確認されたことに伴い大井川知事より次の発表がありました。 つくば市長 五十嵐 立青 Comment from the Mayor following the announcement of Ibaraki Prefecture July 20, 2020 [Provisional Translation] Due to the current state of coronavirus infections in Tokyo, the Governor of Ibaraki announced today that we should now refrain from travelling to, or staying in, the Tokyo area. 県内の医療提供体制および県内の感染状況を総合的に判断し、茨城版コロナ Next ( ねくすと )(コロナ対策指針) Ver. Also, some researchers and start-up companies contributed by making medical face shields for medical institutions and it became a very unique project drawing on the strengths of Tsukuba. Elderly people and those with medical conditions that make them vulnerable to infection should continue to refrain from going out as much as possible. The Governor has also withdrawn the request to refrain from all non-essential travel to and from Tokyo, and has announced that he will request to continuously implement all necessary measures to prevent further spread. However, we will continue to decline visitors from outside of Ibaraki, as stated by the Prime Minister. During this period, please avoid dining out and use take-out services as much as possible. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience caused to citizens and businesses, but ask for your cooperation in refraining from going out and shortening business hours. We thank you for your ongoing patience and cooperation. In Ibaraki Prefecture, 38 people were found positive today and in Tsukuba City, there was 1 positive case. We would like to remind everyone that this is a serious situation in which anyone can potentially become infected. 買い物は最少人数で、混雑時は入店しない 特に40歳代から50歳代のかたは、ワクチン接種が済んでいない限り出勤・外出を極力自粛 約200の団体に協力要請 全ての商業施設等の入場制限:通常時の2分の1に ショッピングモール、スーパー、飲食店等に協力要請 県有施設の休館(図書館・美術館等を含む)• This designation will take effect from May 6 to May 19.。

Tatsuo Igarashi Mayor of Tsukuba 茨城県独自の緊急事態宣言の延長についての市長コメント(2021年2月5日) 本日、大井川知事が記者会見を行い、茨城県独自の緊急事態宣言を2月28日(日曜日)まで延長することが発表されました。

茨城県 まん延防止等重点措置 何が変わる?【詳細情報】

🤭 The Governor shared his concern that this is a disaster-level situation. Tatsuo Igarashi Mayor of Tsukuba 1都3県への緊急事態宣言及び茨城県知事による要請等についての市長コメント(2021年1月7日 本日、1都3県(東京都、千葉県、埼玉県、神奈川県)を対象に緊急事態宣言の発令が決定されました。 。 。

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茨城・栃木・群馬にもまん延防止等重点措置 宣言同等の措置も

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